[Part 3/Final] Dungeon Keeper Review

Tower Madness 2 continues with the theme of sheep vs aliens. Pretty much like all previous tower defense titles, the new game asks you to build towers to fight off enemies, each destroyed providing the player with more in-app coins to obtain new towers and upgrade existing towers for more damage output. Once all waves of enemies are destroyed or all sheep have been abducted, the game ends. This is a very conquest-alike gameplay that we have seen in battlefield 4, though we would love to see something like battlefield 4 hacks in this game.

What’s unusual for this game is that it does not set a fixed route for the aliens to march along.  Which means technically you may build towers at anywhere on the open maps and of course, you’ve got to spare some place as paths for the enemies to step on.

If you find the game proceed over too slowly, you may double the speed by tapping on the acceleration key placed at the right corner of the lower screen. But before that, make sure your reflex is capable of dealing with difficult situations at that speed.

From winning in each map, you will gain stars to unlock higher stages and wool that serves as money to unlock higher levels of towers. There are currently 40 stages across 4 campaigns. And as the stage ramps up, more powerful towers will be unlocked to assist you in the effort. At the end of the day, TowerMadness 2 might not be the type of game you could get used to or find attractive in the first few minutes. But if you dare to dig into the depth of it, you will be rewarded with an addictive, occasionally challenging strategy-demanding game.

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